Do Not Be Afraid

The car travelling on the wrong side of the road crashed into the coach full of school children. Two children were killed and many injured. One lad waiting to be rescued with blood streaming down his face cried out ‘Is this really happening?

In times of tragedy or bereavement to can feel like the young lad. We, too, cry out to God, ‘Is this really happening?’ That is when God speaks to us ‘Don’t be afraid, I am with you.’ It has been said that words of comfort occur 365 times in the Bible, one for every day of the year. God knew that we were going to meet troubles.

Sadness and sorrow will surely come to us but we don’t have to cope alone. We have a Saviour to contact who mourns with us and who understands.

Just Where We Are

We don’t need to be in church or in deep meditation to make contact with God. He will meet us at the place we are at. It is not necessary to have a campaign or rally for God to speak to us. We can’t down tools and wait for a message.

Esther was busy being a queen, Gideon was hiding in the winepress, he wasn’t at prayer. Mary, the mother of Jesus was going about her daily chores. James and John were trying to catch fish and Paul was just travelling.

God is always with us and He will meet us just where we are.

The Lord of Hosts

It seems almost sacrilege to use words to describe God. He is so great, mighty and powerful that our language cannot do the task justice. The danger is that we don’t try ; we try to bring God down to our level so that we can cope.

One day every knee will bow to Him whether they want to or not and they will be dealt with accordingly. In this day and age we need to tremble before God. We have lost some of the reverence that our forefathers had. We need to metaphorically take off our shoes before and prostrate ourselves. Our God is too great for even the world to contain Him.

The Lord our Peace

‘You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You,’ the Bible tells us. We Christians attest that God has been faithful in the past and our prayers have been answered according to God’s wishes.

But what of the future, can we trust Him for that? If we can recall a time when God has failed us in the past, then we cannot trust Him for the future. But God has never failed us. It’s just that devil again trying to have a go at us. As an old hymn says, ‘I’ll thank Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that’s to come.’

Like a Pharisee

David Wilkerson’s book lead me to ask myself another question.’ Am I hypocrite like a Pharisee? I look good on the outside, say the right words and go the right places. None of this matters at all. What matters is what God sees in my heart, in the secret places of my heart. When no-one is looking am I pleasing God? Am I like the builder who was building the topmost part of a cathedral which no-one would see. He was building to the best of his ability for the glory of God. May I do the same.

The God who Pardons

My thoughts today have been driven by David Wilkerson’s book, ‘Hallowed by Thy Names.’ Jesus died for my sins and removed them as far as the east is from the west. That means they’re gone, completely gone .So why do I sometimes feel convicted of my past sins? In one of the old hymns, we plead, ‘break the power of cancelled sin.’

It is during the night that I recall these sins, these cancelled sins and they can bother me. Even King David says words to the effect ‘Lord I was ready to faint because of my sins.’ Another hymn writer takes the words from Micah ‘Who is a pardoning God like Thee?’ That’s the question and the answer is no-one. The devil can’t taunt us because our forgiving God is stronger than the devil.

Your Hallowed Names

For my blogs this week I will be looking at the book I have just read by David Wilkerson ‘Hallowed be Thy Names.’ I know he is the author of The Cross and the Switchblade’. (which I’ve not yet read, but intend to soon.) He has concentrated on some of the compound names of Jehovah.

While I didn’t think too much about the meanings of the names, David threw up many personal challenges. Do I have the attitude of the Pharisees? Am I bogged down by the burden of cancelled sin? Have I any comprehension of God’s great sacrifice? Do I worry about the future, forgetting God has cared for me in the past?

It is good to read a book that challenges, so long as I act after the challenge.

Working Together.

The Amalekites were one of the many nations who the Israelites had to fight. When Moses stood with the staff of God in his hands held high, the Israelites were winning the battle. When he lowered his arms because of fatigue the Amalekites began to win. His relatives came to his rescue. Aaron and Hur sat him down on a stone and held his arms up for him.

This is an example of how we all need each other as Christians. By prayer and practical support we can uplift and support others. Prayer for others will be a constant help to those in the thick of the battle. By practical support we can also be there for them and help them in their work and walk with the Lord.

Work Never Done

I was interested to read this morning about the mother-in-law of Simon. She was lying sick with a fever and unable to attend to her duties as a hostess. Along comes Jesus and miraculously heals her. What does she do next – have a time of recovery? No. The Bible tells us in Mark 1, ‘The fever left her and she began to wait on them.’

We can underestimate the role of woman in the life of Jesus. It was the women who were at His death of the cross and the women who were the first to see their risen Lord. In Acts we read of the women of various cities who attended to the needs of the disciples and followers of Jesus. They are still doing that work today.

Perfect Peace

I couldn’t sleep. My small problems kept going round in my head. When I tried to think of a different topic, that lead to a reminder of things I could worry about. I knew if I didn’t sleep well, the next day would be a struggle.

Suddenly into my head came the words ‘You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.’ I stopped thinking about myself and concentrated on Him. It wasn’t easy as my mind kept drifting back to those tiny niggles. Then I repeated the words again ‘You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.’ I began to overcome the battle. My mind filled with thanks and praise. It had been a battle but with God’s help I drifted off to a peaceful sleep.