The World Tilted

So tomorrow is the day when the world tilted. After the birth of Jesus it would never be the same again. Just a crying little baby lying in a bed of straw, just a weary mum and step-dad, just a now resting donkey, just a few curious shepherds gazing in wonder and eventually just a few foreign kings coming to give homage.

But this ‘just’ day made the world BC and AD. The date 2020 and 2021 reflect this just birth., the salvation of the world began here. It was just another day, but what a day!!

Herald Angels

This is a little tongue in cheek but when we sing ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing,’ I wonder if these angels have other roles or whether heralding is their main job. What about the angels who are at the bedside of sick children and the dying? Who are the angels who keep us ‘lest we dash our foot against a stone’? Are there angels who take on human form and guide the lost traveller in the form of another traveller, or a person who arrives at just the right time?

I obviously don’t know much about the role of angels but I do thank God He sends them to work on this earth.

Was there Snow in Bethlehem?

According to Google snow was recorded in Jerusalem in December 1990, but none since then. So what do we make of ‘Snow had fallen, snow on snow.’

‘We three kings of Orient are bringing gifts, we travel afar.’ No-where in the Bible does it say there were three kings, just three gifts.

‘The cattle were lowing, the baby awakes , but little Lord Jesus no crying He makes.’ No crying with all that straw sticking in Him! I’m sue that even Jesus, bawled His head off at times.

But hymn writers have to get their metres and rhymes right. The most important thing is that He was born, died for our sins and rose again.

What colour skin did Jesus have?

I was asked this question by a swarthy skinned teenaged girl in a children’s home in east London. She was insecure,, knowing her skin was darker than some of her school mates. Maybe she had been bullied.

Being a pale skinned, blue lady of uncertain age, I was so pleased to be able to answer.

‘The colour of Jesus’ skin was much more like yours than mine. (that will upset some of our Christmas card makers!)

Small Things Tip the Scales

Many people are emotional vulnerable during this pandemic. Our spirits can change very easily. A kind word can lift our spirit; an unkind word can crush. Our emotions seem to be heightened.

So we can make sure we give the kind word, show encouragement and figuratively speaking offer a hand to help. Smiling behind a mask could be a waste, but a smile will reflect in our tone of voice. Oh, to be blessed with smiling eyes!

They Missed Him

The Israelites waited decades and decades for the Messiah. Their prophets wrote and sang about Him; books were written about Him. Then when He came they missed Him. Their wait continues.

Maybe others are like that today. They do not recognise the Redeemer when He knocks on the door of their hearts. They miss the greatest opportunity of their lives. Perhaps this pandemic is their wake-up call.

Vaccine or God

How wonderful to now have a vaccine against this killer pandemic. But is there a danger we will now worship the vaccine and it’s life-saving powers and forget where true power lies?

But who gave the scientists their talents? Who provided the raw materials that were used? Who invented time that it could be spent on this break-through? The answers are God, God, God. Once again mankind is going to take the credit that is due to God. We must just beg God for forgiveness and not retribution.

Mute For Nine Months

Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist wasn’t able to speak for nine months. It is nine months since we have been able to speak and mix freely with others. It is three-quarters of a year since we have been able to sing in church. I wonder how our voices will sound when we are again able to sing together.

Whatever restrictions I do praise God that we can still worship our Saviour. Our heart goes out to those who do not have freedom to worship. I pray we may all come out of this time more willing to sing His praises and more fervent in our worship.

Do You Suffer from C. L. B?

I do confess I pinched this thought from someone else. C. L. B. stands for Covid Lockdown Blues. The answer to the question is surely ‘yes.’ Wherever we are in the world, we have restrictions. we have limitations as to what we can do. And we are fed up with it. We do realise that our restrictions are saving lives, even if we don’t like them.

But let’s turn this around. Let us count our blessings. May we look upward to God and not look down to the struggles. Let us put our hand in the hand of God; He will guide us through. With His help we won’t only survive, we will thrive.

Five Thousand Fed

We rightly marvel at the feeding of five thousand hungry people. But this miracle happens every single day. God provides enough food for every person on earth, on every day. That is a tremendous miracle as billions of millions people are provided by God to feed them.

Unfortunately, not everyone receives enough food. Many, many die of hunger and thirst. It is not God’s provision which is lacking; it is man’s mismanagement, greed and selfishness. We do pray for the basic needs of everyone.