Like a Pharisee

David Wilkerson’s book lead me to ask myself another question.’ Am I hypocrite like a Pharisee? I look good on the outside, say the right words and go the right places. None of this matters at all. What matters is what God sees in my heart, in the secret places of my heart. When no-one is looking am I pleasing God? Am I like the builder who was building the topmost part of a cathedral which no-one would see. He was building to the best of his ability for the glory of God. May I do the same.

I Zoom in Slippers

I’m sure I’m not the only one. Dress standards can slip during this pandemic. If no-one is going to see us, why bother to dress up.

I wonder what else can slip? As we can’t go to church, do we need to continue worshipping God? If there are no physical prayer meeting, do we need to continue to pray?

How we dress is partly influenced by the opinion of others. Our worship of God most definitely is not. Our worship and devotion to God is something between God and ourselves. God is still there during this crisis. Some of us have opportunity to pray and praise more.

A stone mason was working on a high pinnacle of a cathedral. He was asked why he worked with such precision as no-one could see his work so high up. His reply, ‘No, but God will see it. I’m working for God.’