The Sense of Hearing

My friend who wears glasses as well as two hearing aids, found that when she was also wearing a mask during the covid pandemic she twice lost her hearing aids. It was just so difficult to keep everything in place. I am blessed with good hearing but many of my friends as they get older are finding it difficult to hear clearly especially in noisy environments.

Hearing aids are obviously a blessing but like every man-made appliance they are not as good as the hearing God gave us in the first place. With a tendency for noisy bands and crowded raves I fear there will be more hearing loss in the future. The joy of good hearing is the joy of silence; the joy when the only sound is a distant singing bird or the gentle lap of the waves.

Our hearing is a gift from God so we can communicate and hear the pleasure of His nature. We need to take care of ears. I remember the last time I heard the cuckoo and also a grass-hopper. I don’t hear them now not because of loss of hearing but because of loss God’s creatures. Let us exercise our ears to hear God’s blessings while we can.

The Sense of Sight

He sat at his master’s feet gazing up at him trustingly. There were ‘oh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ from other bus travellers but they knew not to interfere. The guide dog for the blind man looked so touchable. His owner continued to give him reassuring pats.

How often we sighted people take our eyesight for granted. I did give my eyes thought the other day when I had to have a DVLA eye test so I could continue driving. Our eyes are so complex and wonderfully made. Good eyesight is one of God’s many blessings which we don’t think about until we lose it.

Children and Infants

I smiled when I read Psalm 8:1 ‘Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and avenger.’ Just having had a nine year old help me in my garden, I had forgotten how little strength children of that age have. My light-weight lawn mower was too heavy to push and it was limited what she could carry.

Yet here in the Bible we read that children and infants are a stronghold against God’s enemies. The enemies of God are strong and mighty yet against the children of God they are useless. That is the wonderful topsy-tervy God we have. He is all-powerful using the might of little children.

Praise and Thanksgiving

So often we are like the nine lepers who omitted to thank Jesus for their healing. We pray and ask God for various things and then forget to say thankyou. It might be excused as human nature but it is wrong.

To help my memory I have a ‘thank you book.’ In it I record each day thanks for many answered prayers. There are the daily things to give thanks for, like the sun, rain, a good night’s sleep. And then there are the miracles – healing for myself or a friend. safety in an accident. another soul saved for the Lord. The more I think about it, the more things there are to thank God for. As it is entered in a diary form I can go back and thank God all over again. The psalms are full of thanks and praise. May we be the same.

Two Small Coins

The great and famous were congregating in heaven, those who had been remembered down the ages.

‘I’m Moses who encountered God in the burning bush and led the people of out of Egypt towards the Promised Land.’

I’m Elijah. I was fed by God in the wilderness. God guided me to overcome Ahab and give guidance to the people of Israel.’

‘I was known as John the Baptist. I prepared the way for the coming of Jesus and was able to baptise him in the rived Jordan.’

‘I’m Paul. God met me on the road to Damascus. I suffered much for my Saviour, wrote many letters to fellow believers and eventually died a martyr’s death.’

‘I only gave all my savings to God in the shape of two small coins.’

To each and every one God said, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’


Four year old Abie had learned about Mother’s Day from her older sister. She loved her mother and wanted to show it. Mother’s Day morning found her mounting the stairs and gripping a breakfast tray in her tiny hands. On it was a sheet of kitchen roll, a single slice of dry bread taken from the packet and a cup of cold water.

A plain unapitising meal but prepared with love. Prepared with love by Abie for her mother.


Our sermon the other week was about Solomon. When one studies his life you realise how rich and powerful he was. He was also noted for his great wisdom. But by looking closely at the passages in the Bible we see that he is only pointing to a greater one. Solomon’s fame was only human, the power of Jesus is divine.

David was a powerful king and we are blessed today by his wonderful psalms, but again he is only a pointer to one who is greater. Jesus is the greatest. Prophets, saints and revered Biblical figures come no-where near Him. ‘It’s Jesus, the first and the last.’

The Bible

Is it going out of practise? Are we reading the Bible less because it is so readily available to us in the Western World? Do we hunger and thirst for it? In some cases I fear the answer is ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

There are many reasons we need to read and study it more. It has been handed down through the centuries, many have given their lives to share it with the unconverted and many have given their lives translating it into people’s mother tongues.

But the top reason is that God has given it to us. It is God-breathed. We need it like a drowning man. Without it’s teaching, guiding, comfort and instruction we will spiritually drown.

Answers to Prayer

God answers prayer. We find it repeatedly in the Bible. His prophets cried out to Him and in His perfect time and in His own way He answered. What makes us think it will be any different today. God doesn’t change.

Cast your mind back over the years. Has God ever let you down? He might have said ‘no’, He might have said ‘wait,’ or He might have said ‘yes.’ As we reflect we will see that His answers have been the best for us. We can sometimes see the reasons for the answers and some questions we won’t know why until the other side of heaven.

Our job is to remember that He does all things well and He only wants the best for us.

Christian Fellowship

Christian fellowship is something to be treasured. There are brave Christians round the world who have to operate on their own. They miss out on fellowship, sharing knowledge and encouragement. Where we can meet with other Christians we need to, it is necessary for our growth. I find there is a tendency since covid to be content with zoom services and using social media to share truths. But we are missing out. We need to make the effort; we need to sit in the same hall or room and look at each other in our conversations.

Out of respect for those who can’t physically meet because of illness or distance, we need to meet up more and share sweet fellowship..