My Writing Space

As I plan to spend another year writing in what I grandly call ‘a study’ (office sounds too bleak) I think of the year ahead. I have bought a wooden plaque engraved by a friend. It simply says ‘Be still. ‘A good sentiment for 2021. It was carved from a felled tree at the end of my road.

I have a diffuser which I set up each day, which gives a pleasant aroma. Also in the room is a small heater; with two outside walls it is a cold room. I need my comfort. With my cup of tea, I’m ready to start writing. It is time for ‘bum on seat’ and get on with it.

I pray that in this coming year, you all have a purpose, something which needs to be done which you enjoy. Go for it. 2021 is going to be special. God bless.

What will happen in 2021?

As we are now a few days into the new year I got to thinking how people would have felt in the new years of 1939 till 1945. Every year they would pray for peace and the fighting to end. They would be worried or mourning about those away fighting. It would seem there was no end in sight.

We can have similar thoughts as we progress through 2021. We are worried about the sick and mourn those we’ve lost. We are ill with worry about finances, isolation and catching the virus. World War 2 did end, the country did recover. We will get through this, there will be an end. God knows the answer and timing, we don’t.

On a lighter note – everything has an end,, except a sausage which has two !!!

New Year Resolutions

Have our resolutions started to wane? Are we finding it more difficult to keep to what we promised ourselves? Maybe we didn’t expect to keep them knowing our past record?

More importantly were they the right resolutions in the first place? To eat less and exercise more are worthy ideas but not earth-shattering. If our resolutions were more worthy, we might be able to keep them. What about to love God more, walk closer to Him, be kinder to others especially those we do not like? We need to ask God to help us keep these standards, without Him we will not succeed.

Virus and Ice!

‘If the virus doesn’t get us, the ice will.’ This unhappy comment greeted me as I drew out some money from the cashpoint.

It is true, things are difficult at the moment. In my area we’ve had about five days of black ice. Every step we take is dangerous. So we do feel we are being assailed on all fronts. All the more reason to realise this difficult time will pass and God is in control. The answer to that is ‘Thank God.’

Small Blessings

During these days of lockdown I need to give thanks for small blessings.

I have a trellis at the bottom of my garden which needs painting. I have managed to do one coat but it really needs another. It is now cold in the garden and i was finding it a real struggle. Then a lovely friend volunteered for her husband to paint the second coat. What a blessing. I also had the chance to have a conversation with him and give him coffee and cookies. Something I’ve not been able to do for anyone for ages.

Then I had a lovely email from another friend. It contained all kind of special messages. She didn’t need to email me but it cheered up so much. What a blessings.

Then I managed to make arrangements for my boiler to be serviced. We don’t always appreciate warm homes. It this time of year with the cold weather it would be so difficult to cope without adequate heat.

Small blessings but ones to thank God for and for me to appreciate.

Jesus loves Me

‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me. ‘

I came across these words again the other day. They were written by Anna Bartlett to comfort a dying child. You don’t need to be a child to believe it. Christmas is the time is when these words are proved to be true. God proves His love for me by sending Jesus.

Mute for Nine Months

We can have sympathy for Zechariah, father of John the Baptist. He was mute for nine months. For nine months we have had limited freedom to visit friends and be with family. We have been unable to sing in church.

When the restrictions are over will we sing more fervently and greet our friends more enthusiastically? Will we make for lost time with as many words as we can or will we speak more wisely sharing the wisdom we have learned during the nine months?

What now?

Christmas Day is passed. Presents have been given and received. Maybe we have even been with relatives and friends and the excitement has died down. We come down from the mountain top and wonder and worry about next year. Will we have a job, will we have enough money and will keep free of this virus?

We need to take stock in a positive way. We have celebrated the birth of Christ not just had a good time. Post Christmas reminds us about the Saviour of the world. We can go forward in the light of that revelation. 2021 will hard and difficult or good and happy, though probably a mixture of both. We don’t have to walk the way alone.


This year I have understood a little more about Joseph’s predicament. Weary after many miles of uncomfortable travel with a heavily pregnant wife, Mary, he was finding it difficult to find a suitable place for the baby to be born.

In this country and probably all over the world, we are facing rejection. We can’t visit neighbours and friends, at times we can’t go to hairdressers, gyms, concerts and many other places. Because of covid we are not welcome.

Joseph, we are learning about rejection.