Begging or Claiming

I wonder if the cripple who was begging at the Gate Beautiful in Acts 3 thought this was an appropriate name for it. Apparently it was a large bronze-sheathed gate elsewhere called Nicanor Gate, leading from the court of the Gentiles to the court of women. To this poor man it was just the best place to beg. Having been carried there each day by his friends he would hopefully scan the faces of those passing by. His only thought was begging not healing.

There must be times when we are just scrabbling round in the dust when we could be reaching for the stars. Our God has control and ownership of everything which He longs to share with us. May we gladly receive His gifts.

More Homeless

As I spied another homeless man, I noticed that a woman passed him by and then said too me as she also passed me ‘He’s not genuine, you know.’ I was so shocked and saddened, I would rather give to a fraud than pass by on the other side and miss those who are genuine. Surely no-one would choose to sit on the cold pavement, wearing flimsy clothing and receiving so few coins that they couldn’t get a hostel for the night.

As I spoke to him, he looked lost and uncaring. ‘Where did you sleep last night?’ ‘On the streets.’ Have you approached the council for somewhere to live.’ Just a shrug. ‘There is a church down the road which gives free meals each evening.’ Another shrug.

This man had reached the stage of no hope. He’d given up trying. The coins I gave wouldn’t help him if he didn’t try to find shelter. I really feared he would just become another statistic.


Who is the neighbour I’m called to love today. It is my kind, helpful lady living next door as well as the unwashed man sitting next to me on the bus. It is one of my church leaders as well as Stefan who I see begging each day on the street. What can I do except chat with him? My neighbours is the woman in my book reading group who I don’t really like, as well as my best friend.. My neighbour is the relative who doesn’t like me, as well as my adorable little nephew

Neighbourliness doesn’t come with a filter.