The Holy Name

At critical times in our lives it seems that secular words fail us; we need a touch of the divine. In times of national disasters, the country holds services and times of prayer, no doubt attended by many who never darken the doors of a church. But nevertheless it meets a need.

‘Lord, if You act, I promise …..’ No doubt this is a promise which will never be kept but it shows that earthly promises are not sufficient. When one of the Chinese women of Gladys Alyward’s acquaintance was being attacked and abused by Japanese soldiers, she cried out repeatedly, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,’ Her attacker fled at at the sound of that name.

Sadly, that same name is often used as a swear word. ‘How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer’s ear.’

Gladys Aylward

Do you remember the film ‘The Inn of the Sixth Happiness?’ It used to be shown every Christmas.

It portrays the life of Gladys Aylward who was a missionary to China in the 1930’s and 40’s. She faced many dangers, was shot, faced an angry prison mob, as well as taking nearly 100 children over the mountains to safety during the Chinese war.

Known as Ai-weh-deh to the Chinese she continually risked her life to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to that country. With our modern problems and evangelists it is east to forget those who went before; those to whom we owe so much. Without their dedication and calling, Christianity would be so much the poorer today.

If you would like to know more about her life I have written her story and you can read it in my book ‘Gladys Aylward, a Life for China.’

ISBN 978 1 909281 49 3 available from www.piquanteditions. com and Amazon.