Two Small Coins

The great and famous were congregating in heaven, those who had been remembered down the ages.

‘I’m Moses who encountered God in the burning bush and led the people of out of Egypt towards the Promised Land.’

I’m Elijah. I was fed by God in the wilderness. God guided me to overcome Ahab and give guidance to the people of Israel.’

‘I was known as John the Baptist. I prepared the way for the coming of Jesus and was able to baptise him in the rived Jordan.’

‘I’m Paul. God met me on the road to Damascus. I suffered much for my Saviour, wrote many letters to fellow believers and eventually died a martyr’s death.’

‘I only gave all my savings to God in the shape of two small coins.’

To each and every one God said, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

Born for a Purpose

The angel makes it very clear to Zechariah the purpose of his son’s life when he says ‘he will make ready a people prepared for the Lord.’ This was the main purpose of the life of John the Baptist and this was something he spent his life doing. Until his untimely death he prepared the way of the Lord.

John was born for a purpose as was Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt. Jesus was born with a purpose; to die on the cross for our sins. Each of us are born for a purpose. It may take us a lifetime to discover our purpose and reason for living. Our life is not a mistake, it is part of God’s plan. To discover our purpose in life we need to prayer, study the Bible and enquire of other Christians. Our way will become clearer until we can hear the words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’