150 Questions

I’ve just read (from what I hope is a reliable source) that there are 150 questions found in the New Testament and many of them are from and to Jesus. We can sometimes feel that we have that many questions ourselves to ask of God. Why is the world in such a terrible state? What can we do about it with our limited influence? What do various sayings in the Bible mean?

Some questions will be answered by further Biblical study, some will be sorted by discussions with other Christians. Many will not be answered this side of heaven. That’s where trust comes in and to remember that my Lord ‘doeth all things well.’


The questions we have been asking during this pandemic have changed. It used to be ‘Are your family well. Have they caught covid?’ Then it moved on to ‘How are you coping without seeing people? Are you able to get your shopping?’ At the beginning of the year we were asking ‘Have to had your first vaccine yet?’

As January became February we enquired, ‘Have you had your second vaccine yet?’ It now seem the latest question is ‘When will you have your hair cut?’ Hairdressers have become the most important people in our lives. Today I’m able to plait my hair because it is so long. Tomorrow I’m having it cut. I’m almost sorry to see it go. I will never grow it so long again. The time is coming when people will be able to see my hair style because they will be able to see me.