To Question or not to Question

I was doing a Bible study with my friend, John. He knew his Bible much better than I did, so I was pleased to spend the time learning more about these sacred scriptures. Then I realised that there was a difference between us. Although I love to learn more about our God, I’m content that there are many things I will never understand. I believe that God will reveal to me the things I need to know when I need to know them, and when I’m ready to absorb them.

Not so with John. He wants to know and understand everything now. He is not content with not knowing. He is like a dog with a bone, he will study, cross-reference and work and work until he finds what he believes is the answer.

So now I’m questioning myself. Am I right to be content with my limited knowledge? Is it right that I should accept and not question? It seems right to me to feast on the Word, not crunch away at the bones. I can only continue to pray that God will illumine what I need to know.