Caring for the Birds

As I put out the birdseed this morning I thought about God the creator of the birds. On the fifth day of creation ‘the birds flew above the earth, across the vault of the sky.’ Genesis 1:20 ; He has been caring for them and loving them ever since.Jesus tells us that God loves us more than the two sparrows which are sold for a pittance. God cares for us, full stop.

Under God’s instruction Noah used the raven and the dove to test the depth of the flood waters. David in psalm 84 talks of the sparrow and the swallow. In Isaiah we can mount on wings like eagles, if we wait on the Lord.

I’v been given a garden gift token which I intend to spend on a new bird bath. I may not be able to do much to halt global warming and the destruction of our planet, but I can make sure my local birds are well fed and watered. I sometimes think I spend more on provisions for my feathered friends than I do on myself.

Music and Faith

Music has always been important to our faith both in the Bible and in modern worship. ‘Amazing grace,’ is the most recorded song ever. (Yes, it even beats ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.) I didn’t know this but it features in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan and also the TV Simpson’s series. It has been quoted by many famous people, including President Barak Obama.

Another loved and well-known hymn is ‘Abide with Me.’ Even i have been know to have tears running down my face at football matches (though this might have been to do with the forthcoming football match rather than my faith!)

Handel’s ‘Messiah’ is an example of where music and words of scripture are blended together. To hear this being played and sung at the Royal Albert Hall in London by thousands of people is something which stirs the soul. Then we mustn’t forget one of the most prolific song writers of all time, King David with his psalms, so many of which are recorded for us in the Bible. It is easy to imagine David sitting or walking with his sheep along the hill-side, composing and writing to the glory of God. Our faith would certainly be the poorer without the Psalms.


I wonder how David, the future king of Israel felt about just being a musician in the court of King Saul. Did he ever want to shout, ‘I’ve been anointed as your next king, yet here I am stuck in this corner almost ignored except to play calming music to you in your demented moments.’

David might have suffered from FOMO. Yet it seems he just kept all these things in his heart and observed what kingship was like. Did some of his psalms come out of this waiting time?