Caring for the Birds

As I put out the birdseed this morning I thought about God the creator of the birds. On the fifth day of creation ‘the birds flew above the earth, across the vault of the sky.’ Genesis 1:20 ; He has been caring for them and loving them ever since.Jesus tells us that God loves us more than the two sparrows which are sold for a pittance. God cares for us, full stop.

Under God’s instruction Noah used the raven and the dove to test the depth of the flood waters. David in psalm 84 talks of the sparrow and the swallow. In Isaiah we can mount on wings like eagles, if we wait on the Lord.

I’v been given a garden gift token which I intend to spend on a new bird bath. I may not be able to do much to halt global warming and the destruction of our planet, but I can make sure my local birds are well fed and watered. I sometimes think I spend more on provisions for my feathered friends than I do on myself.