It is said that in our communities there are so many people, mostly men, who are homeless and sleeping rough. ‘Sleeping rough’ is such a simple phrase to write but so tough for those concerned and involved in sleeping in a dangerous hostile place. In the big cities there are actual physical dangers. Their precious few belongings can be stolen, they can be physically threatened with a knife or other weapon. In my area it involves sleeping in a shop doorway or being in the park with a tent which is often not strong enough to withstand the harsh weather.

The road to homelessness can have many different routes – addictions, mental illness, ejection from the family home, waywardness or leaving the forces or prison. Some sufferers will have mental illness or a low I.Q. which means they haven’t the capacity to cope. Sadly each year can see a deterioration in their stamina.

Jesus was often homeless and had ‘nowhere to lay His head.’ He was blessed in having many loving friends. What can we do for the homeless ? – so little. We can offer those who beg a drink or snack (not money, that can be used on drugs), we can support homeless charities, or talk to those who beg when we see them on the streets. Remember that ‘there but for the grace of God ………… .We need to include them in our prayers.