Dust in Heaven

f You love Me, keep My commandments.’ John 14:13

It is probably a human trait to want to please people. It’s a lovely feeling when someone says ‘Thank you.’ I don’t remember how old I was when my mother asked me to do the dusting for her. It was a very small task that I could do and maybe helped her slightly with her chores. I soon realised that doing the dusting for her made my mother happy.

Being young (and innocent) I then transferred that feeling of pleasure towards heaven. My young soul wanted to please God, so I prayed that I could do the dusting when I went to heaven! I was yet to learn that there is no dust in heaven, it was also too vast. My dusting skills won’t be wanted when I do get there. I’m pleased to recall that I had no doubt that there was a heaven and that I would be there. I had no knowledge then of Christ’s sacrifice and redemption.

Many years later I still love God but not for the hope of any reward. I just want to please Him. My loving service these days is not the dusting but an opportunity to share my good news with others and in serving them. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more or love me less.