Four Named Storms

In my country (Britain) we have had four named storms in as many weeks. I know that in many parts of the world you will have experienced more, but it is unusual for us. But then there seems to be strange weather phenomena at the moment all round the world. I don’t have the figures but it appears we are experiencing more terrible ‘acts of God’ at the moment. (strange they are described as ‘acts of God’; a secret admission that there is a God) Of course God is in control, but our weather is in a mess, though It may be that the news from round the world is reaching us easier.

Earthquakes are more frequent and storms are more regular. We think of the recent erupting volcanos in Iceland and Japan and the disruption they caused. Wild fires happen annually in increasing numbers. Heavy storms appear in the news more often and global warming is definitely happening. It can be said that the world is groaning. This beautiful world which God created and declared as good and very good is not a happy place. We insignificant humans beings need the intervention of our Maker.

A Beautiful but Broken World

As we look at the beauty of nature around us we rejoice as it is such a lovely world. We travel thousands of miles to see the wonders, the Grand Canyon, Japan in blossom time, Nigeria Falls and snow -capped mountains. But we don’t need to travel the world, the beauty is right here on our door-step. We see the wonderfully formed daisy in our own lawns or the robin accompanying us as we garden. We see the trees, bursting into leaf in the spring, giving us shade in the summer, adorned in colour in autumn and with skeletal beauty in winter.

But we also admit we live in a broken world. There are wars, unnecessary killings, greed and terrible tragedies. A look at television or the papers portray only too clearly unbelievable horrors in all parts of the world. But that is not the final chapter. We have just celebrated the coming of Jesus. God is writing the final chapter. Eventually all will be light and joy, darkness will be vanquished. ‘He promises peace to His people.’ Psalm 85:5