Prayer and Perseverance

As a free-lance writer one needs to be able to cope with rejection. Much of what I write never leaves my study or if I do send it off as a meditation or for a competition it gets rejected. Does that mean it’s a waste of time and I am no good as a writer. Not necessarily! No, it is not a waste of time but time well spent.

To write anything of a Christian nature or even secular work, I need to spend time in prayer. Talking with my Heavenly Father can never be a waste of time. Then there is the necessary time spent reading the Bible as I do research. I need to read round the subject as my mind becomes immersed in what is the subject matter. In my busy life I’m continually thinking about the work.

The final result, acceptance or rejection does not rest with me . With God’s help I have done what I can. I then need to move on to the next project.