‘When the day of Pentecost arrived they were all together in one place.’ Acts 2:1

As the disciples were all together in one place it meant that they didn’t miss out on the coming of the Holy Spirit. Imagine if they had been elsewhere, as Thomas previously had been. If they had been attending to some business or couldn’t be bothered, or were tired as they had already been there ten days and nothing had happened. When Jesus was alive He had met this indifference by a man who had to go and bury the dead rather than become a disciple and another who had business to attend to.

Are there times when we are not ‘all met together’ when we should.? There is a time for being out there spreading the gospel and a time for meeting together? We need to get it right. It is sad to hear a Christian say ‘I don’t need to go to church, I can worship on my own. It is an unfortunate truth that a number of Christians in some parts of the world are forced to worship alone or secretly, but for those of us who can meet let us make sure we do when we should.

There is the illustration of the log removed from the fire; on it’s own it will burn out quickly.