Carlisle Christian Writers

We had an enjoyable afternoon, reading the work we had done at home, completing an exercise (writing a piece using words of only one syllable, not as easy at it sounds) and making plans for the future.

The pieces we had written entitled ‘Myself’ produced deep theological work as well as amusing ones, poetry as well as prose.  This is Sheila Clarke’s contribution, one which is worthy of being reproduced here :-

Hello there.

May I introduce myself to you?

Not with a multitude of words, only a few.

My name is Sheila Clarke, to Carlisle

Christian Fellowship I go.

I worship Almighty God, whose loving

care in abundance I do know.

Through my Saviour, Jesus, I know the

full joy of all sins forgiven.

I am loved and accepted by God, am on

my way to his home in heaven.

I’m travelling on the journey of life,

which one day will end,

then eternity in heaven with the Lord

Jesus Christ I’ll spend.

from Carol, freelance writer