West Cumbria in a Gale

The forecast said gusts of 80 mph, but I decided to chance it and continue my explorations of Cumbria.  The west coast was on my list this time.

I drove down to Gosforth which I discovered was a delightful little village, buzzing with activity.  With pubs, restaurants and post office, not to forget the popular bakery there was plenty going on and many tourists to appreciate it.   By visiting St Mary’s Church I was able to see the tallest Viking cross in England and what is probably the most northerly specimen of cork oak in Europe (though in my ignorance I was not able to identify which tree it was. )   All this with a backdrop of Scafell and the hills of the Wasdale Valley, what could be better?

I drove north to St Bees but did not venture to the Head because of the gusts.  I then went to Whitehaven, plenty of photographic history there.  At Workington I continued to drive straight through the town, the gusts were now accompanied by heavy rain.  The next and final stop was Maryport where a great deal of renovation has taken place.  I treated myself to an icecream there.  Well, I deserved it.

Winter seem to be rapidly approaching and some of my exploring might have to be saved till next year.  I need to do Ravenglass and the National Park when I can.

Carol, the West Cumbria explorer.