Having a Saturday writing conference at Stirling meant an overnight stay in the area with lovely friends at Milngavie (pronounced Mullguy)  No time for sightseeing –  just supper, bed and breakfast but on the car ride back to Glasgow rail station I was able to have landmarks pointed out to me and interesting Scottish facts relayed to me. ( Did you know that no part of Scotland is more than 30 miles from the sea!  I haven’t had time to check the map yet)

At the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers conference after the devotions we all had a chance to share our writing successes during the last six months.  Oh dear, mine was only an online meditation and relaunching of my Kindle book.  Must do better!!

Our speaker was John Coutts, poet, performer, author and translator.  Although poetry is not my thing, I was fascinated by what he had to say.  Refreshments and a workshop followed and a decision about the next competition – Jubilee – my mind is buzzing already.

Carol, the non-poet