John o’ Groats

The chance of a £17 train fare from Carlisle to John o’ Groats and back was too good a chance to miss.  Having never been to Lands End, I thought it would be good to go to the most northerly part of Great Britain (while we still have a Great Britain!)  One day up, one day there and one day back.  Great train journeys and good B & B.  The only down side was the weather.  I never put my umbrella down.  No wind, just rain and mist.  Got photos to prove it.

The people I met were great; the man diving in the harbour looking for a lost key, the lady on the bus who gave me a verbal tour of Thurso, the youths on the train going to a rock festival at Inverness (no they weren’t so lovely!)

If anyone could guarantee the weather I’d go again; which I suppose that means I won’t be going again.  So, yes I’ve been to J o G and no I haven’t seen J o G.

Carol, the northern traveller