Going the Distance

Another Keswick Convention is over; how the years fly by.  It had been wondered if there would be as many visitors this year as it clashed with the Olympics  (that was 7 years in the planning, the Convention is over 130 years old – going the distance, you might say!)

Three weeks of inspiring music, good preachers and uplifting Bible readings (1 Thessalonians) , evening celebrations (Ecclesiastics – a difficult one that)  Have we memorised Bible passages?  After listening to Bruce Kuhn Storytelling the Scriptures, the answer is no.

The Keswick Convention this year is over and we return to our ordinary lives, going the distance.  We can only hope the varied activities, seminars, meetings, fun and all the rest has helped us to continue ‘running the race’ of life, nearer to what He wants.

Carol, the Conventioner