The Storm

Our meeting of the Carlisle Christian Writers produced the usual mixture of fun, laughter and brilliant writing.  I marvelled at the variety of work that one title could give and many different storms were read out.

One member described vividly a storm he’d endured in Africa where the party had feared for their lives.  Another read a beautifully crafted poem about Jesus on the lake.  That was some storm the disciples witnessed! A member with a fertile imagination recalled a house she had seen in the West Country called The Storm House and invented a frightening story about it.  Creation weeping like a storm was used by another person.

Two people went down the historical route, describing a storm where a father and daughter rescued members of a stricken vessel and another wrote about  a bridge collapsing and a train and passengers plunging into the raging river below.  We felt ourselves clever when we recognised Grace Darling and the Dundee Rail disaster.

Our next topic is ‘Space‘, so I can only say, watch this space.

Carol, a stormy writer.