From Prussia with Love

No this isn’t a second take on James Bond; the hero of my book was born in Prussia, a country no longer in existence.

George Muller, born in Prussia in 1805 started life as a thief, womanizer and heavy drinker.  By the grace of God he repented and for the rest of his long life spent his time in serving others.  As part of the Brethren movement, he moved round England, lived in Exeter and Bristol, where he eventually started a number of children’s homes where thousands of children were saved from the unhealthy streets and lives of poverty, prostitution and begging. 

The remarkable thing was that George never appealed for money, but prayed to God for the provision of his needs.  There are numerous stories of his prayers being answered in a number of ways.

Although the work as such does not exist today, the Muller Foundation works among the elderly and with needy families in churches.

My book about George Muller, entitled From Prussia with Love recounts all these stories and many more facts about his godly life.  Read the story for yourself, obtainable from or from myself.

Carol, the writer