Autumn Colours

At this time of the yearI just have to share with you our autumn colours .  I know whereever you live you will have the same wonderful scenes, especially if you live on the west side of Canada or the States.  But here in the Lake District they are particularly spectacular.  Each year it happens so quickly.

Last Friday I went down to Cockermouth and hardly a tree had turned.  Then yesterday, just five days later the  trees and bushes seemed to be like cup cakes topped with every shade of red, gold, brown, russet and yellow.  I found it difficult to concentrate on my driving.  I could just see myself saying ‘Sorry I crashed officer, but I was admiring the autumn colours.’

Some people would say that Mother Nature is wonderful.  I only half agree with that.  I say isn’t Mother Nature controlled by a Father God, wonderful.  It doesn’t just happen, you know.

Carol, in multi-coloured Cumbria.