From Prussia with Love

‘Nine-year-old George carefully pushed open the wooden door.  As his eyes quickly scanned the study he was relieved  no-one was there.  He moved swiftly to his father’s desk where he saw a small sum of money had been left.  The idea of stealing it appealed to him.

Where could he put the money?  Pulling off his shoe he stuffed it into his sock.  Suddenly his father entered the room.

‘George what are you doing here?’

‘Er, looking for a book, father.’

‘Where is the money I left lying on the desk?’

‘I didn’t see any father.’

‘Turn out your pockets, boy’.

Smugly Geogre did as he was told.

‘Shoes and socks, off, boy.’

‘But father I haven’tseen your money’.


As the sock was removed the coins rolled noisily across the floor.

An extract from my book on the life of George Muller.  To order, find out how from this web-site.

Carol, author of From Prussia with Love.