From Jute to Jungle

A strange title you might think, but it’s the title of my latest book.  This is a biography of Mary Slessor, a Dundee born missionary who started working in the jute factory at a young age and then went on to become a missionary in the jungles of Calabar, West Nigeria.  Hence the title.

In her 67 years she encountered plenty of adventures, cannibalism, killing of twin babies, slavery, murder and heathen worship, to mention just  a few of the atrocities.

To have another book published is a great excitement and the culmination of about three years work.  This has been the most difficult of my books to get published and therefore  the most rewarding.

It is available from Amazon and on Kindle as well as in paper form which can be bought from me.

Please order a copy.  It is well worth reading.

Carol, the author