Spring Wanderings

Goodness, I’ve not been in touch for ages.  So now I have a choice to make.  Do I continue with the stor of Mary Slessor or do I tell you about my goings-on?  Right , lets’ leave Mary for a while (but to obtain the book try Amazon, then From Jute to Jungle by Carol Purves)

Continuing my exploration of the Eden Valley, I visited Kirk Oswald.  I found it to be a delightful village just the other side of the river.  The day was helped by the glorious weather as I soaked up the atmosphere sitting outside one of the historic pubs.  Walking a few yards up the hill I could see Saddleback (I think that’s what it was)   The journey back was picturesque with hardly any traffic until I reached the A6.  That’s my sort of travelling.

Carol, up the Eden.