Christian Bookshops

Use them or lose them!  Unfortunately we do not have any in Carlisle.  What a miss Wesley Owen and S.P.C.K. are.  Whitehaven and Kendal still have their shops and it was my great pleasure to visit both of them during this last week.

The excuse was to give  copies of my books on a sale or return basis.  The manageresses were a pleasure to meet but they have a uphill fight in this present climate.  They need your footfall.  The shops are stocked with many exciting books (including mine) and gifts, which need to be bought by you, for yourself or as presents.

Christmas is coming.  These shops hold the answer to your Christmas present list.  I really urge you to visit and see what they have for sale.  If you haven’t been lately then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Carol, a lover of Christian bookshops.