Devil’s Porridge Museum

My latest adventure has been into Scotland (just) to visit the Devil’s Porridge Museum which records the history of HM Factory Gretna which produced cordite for use in ammunition in the First World War.

The area was 9 miles long by 2 miles long from Dornock in Scotland to Longtown in England.  At its height  30,000  workers, mainly women,   were employed, with two townships created  (Eastriggs and Gretna), 30 miles of road and 125 miles of rail track laid.

The unusual title was coined by Sir Conan Doyle who said the dangerous mixture of nitroglycerin and gun-cotton was like ‘devil’s porridge.’

Well worth a visit for those in the area at Annan Road, Eastriggs, 01461 700021

Carol, the museum visitor