Daffodils and the Prince

In an effort to make up for omissions in past years, I visited the daffodils again.  This time with a friend, we went to Ullswater and then Glendinning.  The weather was remarkable, rain, sleet, a howling gale and yes, even snow.  Its still a beautiful area.  The daffodils were not very plentiful in the designated area but many were planted along the roadside and in gardens. There is  a complaint that non-local daffs are being planted.  As far as I’m concerned a daffodil is a daffodil is a daffodil.

Where does the Prince come into the title?  We stopped for a coffee at Rheghed at the same time as Prince Charles was visiting.  Well, he does love Cumbria.

Carol, mixing with royality.