Carlisle Christian Writers

What a great time we had at this meeting of Christian writers.  It is supportive to share our faith and the writing we have been doing. We started by praying for our members who were not with us; some of whom have family and health problems.

The subject ‘An Early Memory’, sparked many ideas. Mephibosheth and his infant fall which caused him to be crippled in both feet was remember, a number of war memories were relived (that shows the age of some of us), one five year old arranged a birthday party which her mother knew nothing about, with disastrous results and one member as a young lad for the first time was presented with a plate which had a place for a sandwich and an indent to one side for the cup. He announced in a loud voice ‘In our house we have the indent in the centre of the plate!’

Carol, a C.C.W. member