Carlisle Christian Writers

A neighbour told me the other day that she thought Christians were serious people who didn’t know how to enjoy themselves. She should have come to one of our meetings. We have many laughs, write amusing things  and leave with our worries lifted a little bit. All Christians should be joyful, we have such good news which we want everyone to know about. Maybe in our enthusiasm we get over serious, but inside we should be singing all the time.

Some of our writings about ‘Dreams’ was hilarious. One person wrote about Biblical dreamers – David, Samuel, Joshua. One wrote a poem from his own anthology of poems. One visited New Zealand which was a dream come true. Another questioned whether we dream in colour and whether we can smell in dreams. One wrote about a dream (or was it) in the style of Lewis Carroll, Tolkin and C.S.Lewis.  That had us crying with laughter on every page.

One gem that someone quoted was ‘The worst kind of church split is where no-one leaves.’ Think about that for a moment.’

Carol, the joyous writer