Mystery Coach Tour

I’ve discovered it can be exciting to go on holiday and not know where you are going. I have had just such a holiday, three days and two nights away.

Although two of the days were good weather, on the first day it rained very hard. This meant with the rain streaming down the coach windows and misting up the panes, it was impossibility to read the road signs. I suppose it all added to the mystery.

The puzzle was partly solved as we drove into Lincoln. There was just time to climb up the very steep hill to the cathedral. (The road was called Steep Hill, which gives you a clue.) It is a lovely city with a lovely cathedral.

The two nights were spent in Grantham, not so exciting, but then the quaint towns of Melton Mobray (think pork pies) and Stamford were visited.

The final day was spent at York, great cathedral, the Shambles, walls and fascinating small streets.

Carol, the mystery solver