Northern Cyprus

I am so fortunate as I’ve spent a week in Northern Cyprus staying with a friend, right on the North-western tip of the island. So sad that it is a divided country but there are two sides to the story and both sides need to be studied before judgments are made.

It was hot walking in the sun, but better in the shade and I was told that it was warm for October. Fruits which we usually see packed in supermarkets were growing on the trees (or they had been at the height of the season) – Oranges, olives, mulberries, lemons and many others all being sold in local markets.

The kindness of the people was unforgettable. With two friends we were wondering through a small village when  man plucked three pomegranates from a tree and gave them to us. Note that it was siesta time when the few shops were closed, so we couldn’t spend any money in the village to say thankyou. That is something I will not forget.

Carol, in love with Northern Cyprus.