The pen is ………….

Every day through the ever-intrusive media we are shocked, appalled and heart-broken. In spite of the vote and freedom of speech our voices are heard less and less. How can we help the mourning families in Syria, the bereaved from perilous sea-journeys or the starving on our doorstep?

The only voice left to us is the pen, the pen which is mightier than the sword. To write through whatever medium we choose is an outlet for our pent-up emotions. It is no wonder that writing is medically advocated to help the depressed, the suicidal and the lonely. Feelings which are expressed through the word, no longer eat away at our souls.

Historically, the written word has changed the world. Churchill and Martin Luther knew of and used such power. Finally, the ultimate ‘word’, the Bible, has already changed the world.

Carol, the user of words.