A Quiet New Year

Once the excitement of the New Year is over life can be an anticlimax. I can’t write about any exciting things I’ve done during these few weeks, so I’ll do a typical British thing and tell you about the weather.

We are into the ninth day of the year and it has rained every day so far. Some days not very much but other days there has been rain all day. Fortunately our river is now back to being a river instead of wet fields a couple of miles wide.

The mop up after the flood continues and we feel for those towns which are currently under water or still draining out – Aberdeenshire, York, Kendal, Dumfries and Galloway, Keswick and many others.

Here in Carlisle instead of greeting each other with the words, ‘How are you?’ we now say, ‘Are you flooded?’ I know the time will come in the summer when we’re crying out for water. It just reminds us the weather is not under our control!

Carol, the soggy