Carlisle Christian Writers

What fun we had at our meeting when we wrote about ‘The Red Sky’. Out of seven people who had written on this subject, we managed to visit five different countries. – Switzerland, Skye, South Africa, India and Palestine.  One subject with many different approaches.

There was poetry, references to the rhyme ‘Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning, in South Africa the longing for a red sky to indicate rain. They have a drought at the present time, the shepherds at the nativity scene (except for the youngest shepherd who had to stay behind and mind the sheep. Don’t feel sorry for him he had a special adventure.)

One member had written a whole book for her grandchildren entitled ‘Red Skye.’ I wish you could read it, it was lovely. Another member told of the red sky on her holiday in Switzerland.

Carol, the writer.