All One but Different

Compared with some of your countries, England is very small. It’s only about 600 miles from north to south. Last week I travelled from Carlisle in the north to Bridport on the south coast, a journey of about 450 miles. What struck me was the change in the weather. In the south, spring was definitely arriving. Daffodils, snowdrops and celandine were growing in abundance. The walks we had in the beautiful area were warm and sunny. We even managed to see some tiny lambs.

I then travelled north. Snow on the hills and in my garden greeted me. The next morning I had to scrape my car because the frost was so thick. The daffodils and snowdrops are just daring to show their faces. Out came my gloves and scarves again. Next week I will be in Edinburgh, just 100 miles north. I wonder what kind of weather I will find there.

Carol, the traveller, north and south.