A Capital Few Days

I’ve just spent a few days in my nearest capital, Edinburgh. With two friends we explored the city like true tourists. Although it was winter, the place was milling with people; evidence that it is a great city to visit.

We went up to the castle and with the help of a guide explored its treasures. The guide was very enthusiastic and crammed our heads with interesting facts. I have to confess that I think our abiding memory will be the icy wind. It really did blow up there. We were there at one o clock and heard and saw the big gun go off.

We then searched for somewhere warm and had a tour on an open-topped bus tour. So many places of interest were seen. It is a wonderful city.

Our last big  adventure was a tour on the Royal Britannia. It is a great ship with so much history.

Our hotel was very central and the food in various restaurant was excellent.

Carol, the explorer