The Midlands

It’s great having friends in different parts of England. We’ve met a few times since we were students but my friend Chris now lives in Coventry. A good excuse for me to visit the Midlands. She actually lives just a few doors away from Kenilworth Castle. A  reason to take a few spectacular photos! Went into Coventry, itself visiting the Transport Museum and walking past Lady Godiva in the shopping precinct. No time left for the cathedral. I wanted to know why Coventry grew up where it did, but that was a question too far.

Also spent time with Jen, now living in Buckingham, also a former student friend. A very different place;  quiet, quaint and  quintessentially English. (Oh, that was good).  Much time during these days was spent – Do you remember?

I still have some more ex student friends round the country, so look out for more travels later.

Carol, travelling again.