God answers prayer – Yes, No or Wait

We prayed many the people in our church who were seriously ill. Susan had a difficult cancer, which was usually terminal. She came through the operation and is still with us today.

David also had a cancer but tests proved it could be coped with by medication rather than a debilitating operation. Again prayers had been answered.

Philip had a massive tumour in his liver and his operation meant half his liver had to be removed. Philip didn’t die on the operating table as we so much feared. His slow recovery is still on-going.

Zac was twenty-one when he developed leukaemia and engaged to be married. For five desperate months prayer was offered. He grew weaker and died. He had everything to live for and his family lost their only son. Prayer had been answered but not as we wished.

While we were praying for others, Steven a man with learning difficulties was found dead at home.

God’s ways are not our ways, we don’t understand. We can only acknowledge his way is best.