Pray without Ceasing

In our ladies Bible group as we talked about praying, some explained that they had a regular quiet time each day, meditating, reading God’s word, speaking and listening to God. One lady admitted that she didn’t haven’t a regular prayer time but spoke to God on and off during the day.

We would not ignore an earthly friend, how much more should we not ignore God. But we can’t pray every minute of the day, or can we?

In Thessalonians we read ‘pray continually.’. So how can it be done. We can prayer first thing in the morning, thanking Him for giving us another day and remembering our family friends. Pray as we’re working in the home, office or factory, thinking about our colleagues, companies and bosses.

On the bus, train or driving we can prayer for those around us and the families in the houses we are passing. Travelling by air is a wonderful opportunity to pray for the countries we are flying over.

We can make prayer and communication with God as natural as breathing.