The Stone that became a Pillow

Leaving his father’s house and family behind, Jacob set out on his uncertain journey until the setting of the sun forced him to stop.

Lonely and uncertain of the future, sleep was not going to come easily but nevertheless he found some smooth stones on which he could rest his head. In  seemed no sooner than he settled down that he was asleep and dreaming. He saw a ladder up to heaven with angels descending and ascending. He knew he was in a holy place. He then received that promise from God that He would be with him and Jacob promised back to God that from that day he would return to God a tenth of all that he owned.  Genesis 28:10-22

It is in our time of greatest weakness that God meets us. He knows our need and gently He ministers to our want.

Jacob received a good night’s sleep, a promise for the future and a personal encounter with God.  No wonder those stones then became his Bethel, House of God.