Where is He?

This is what the wise men asked Herod when they were seeking Jesus. Although they found out the answer, Herod never did. Having been warned by an angel, Mary, Joseph and Jesus fled to Egypt, thus ensuring the baby’s life was saved.

It is a question which is still asked today, ‘Where is He?’  Where is He when all the world is suffering, numbers of refugees are increasing and poverty is growing? Where is He when wars are raging, family life is collapsing and old age is becoming a problem?

One answer is that He is there in the midst of all the trouble. He is with the Syrian refugee and the starving children. His heart is pierced in the midst of all the devastation.

Acts of heroism and kindness go unreported. The only news to hit the media is bad news. The good does not make headlines. But the good news is that He is still there and the good outweighs the bad.