The first miracle of Jesus

As I re-read the account of Jesus turning the water into wine at Cana, I had two thoughts which I’d never had before.

Firstly as soon as it was discovered that the wine was running out, Mary turned to Jesus and said ‘They have no more wine.’ I wondered what she expected Him to do. Did she realise the miracle He was about to perform? Did she imagine He was going to turn water into the finest wine? It is unlikely that she knew the precise definition of the miracle, but since the Annunciation she knew how special He was and His miraculous powers.

Then as I  read to the end of the story, I noticed what was said. ‘He thus revealed His glory and His disciples put their faith in Him.’ My immediate thought was, why didn’t the others believe in Him. Then I realised the  others didn’t know what had happened. Quite a contrast to the Feeding of the Five Thousand!