Wait in the Lord

That is what I read in my morning reading. As a person who tries to fit 61 minutes in every hour, I find waiting difficult With my friend I had planned to catch a certain train one day last week. We missed the train, but that was because I had to live in God’s timing, not my own.

The missed train meant we were able to listen to someone who needed to share their problems. We briefly met up with someone we hadn’t seen for a while. Then because of a broken down freight train we missed our connection.

This meant to save time we needed to finish the journey by bus. This proved a more pleasant journey, took me to an  area I hadn’t seen before and landed us nearer to our destination. I have learned that in future I will travel this way as it saves time with more frequent connections and also a saving of money.

The whole day proved to me that God’s timing, is not mine, but eminently better.