Carlisle Christian Writers

For those of you who follow the doings of these meeting, we met again last Saturday. Our theme was ‘New Life.’ There were many different approaches to this theme; in fact every contribution took a different aspect.

One lovely contribution took the life cycle of a tree, from the small seedling in the ground through to full growth, to being felled and on to becoming fashioned as the cross of Jesus. Yet another wrote about the new life of a new day. One exposition was based on the hymn ‘The King of Love my Shepherd is.’

A poem was written using daffodils as marching warriors, a very original and stimulating thought.  Another most apt poem was quoted from memory, a special and memorable rendition.

One member read from her book ,based on John 10:10 using the thought  This life of mine is Your life.

I wish you were all able to join us.