The Dream

The other day I blogged about God speaking through dreams. Recently our church was approached by a refugee who was asking to be baptised. This man had dreamed a dream and heard God speaking to him, instructing him to be baptised. I thank God that my church accepted this challenged.

There were no long weeks of teaching or instructing this man, just a hastily called baptism with 19 of our members able to be present. I thought so much Philip and the Ethiopian; he accepted Christ and was baptised in the nearest section of water.

One of our young people had been defending his faith in the place where he worked. He was receiving a lot of opposition until this refugee spoke and said ‘I’m a Christian and I want to be baptised.’

God knew that this young person went to a church which had a baptistery, that our leader would be willing and that the rest of the church would support the decision to baptise the man with little preparation. (Because of the short notice the water was rather cool, I understand)