John Nash

Scrolling through the internet looking at trivia can throw up some interesting facts.

The Circular Cottages, a group of nine cottages in Blaise Hamlet, Henbury, Bristol, are cottages commissioned by the Quaker banker John Scandrett Harford for his retired employees. Their features included brick chimneys, dormer windows and some were thatched. Grouped round a green with a central sundial they were considered to be the first garden suburbs. These Grade 1 listed buildings were designed and built by John Nash.

John Nash was also responsible for the re-design of Buckingham House to become Buckingham Palace. He enlarged the existing building, into an imposing U shaped structure by extending the central block and two wings.

Has God planned our lives on the scale of small thatched cottages or an impressive Buckingham Palace? All we need to do is to be faithful.