Small Blessings

During these days of lockdown I need to give thanks for small blessings.

I have a trellis at the bottom of my garden which needs painting. I have managed to do one coat but it really needs another. It is now cold in the garden and i was finding it a real struggle. Then a lovely friend volunteered for her husband to paint the second coat. What a blessing. I also had the chance to have a conversation with him and give him coffee and cookies. Something I’ve not been able to do for anyone for ages.

Then I had a lovely email from another friend. It contained all kind of special messages. She didn’t need to email me but it cheered up so much. What a blessings.

Then I managed to make arrangements for my boiler to be serviced. We don’t always appreciate warm homes. It this time of year with the cold weather it would be so difficult to cope without adequate heat.

Small blessings but ones to thank God for and for me to appreciate.