Crisis of Confidence

Maybe I’m not alone. Things that I used to do with confidence, I now am afraid to do. I used to drive happily anywhere in the country, I now hesitate to just drive into the city. (not that anything is open when I get there). I used to answer the telephone without a thought, now I hesitate wondering if it is bad news or someone needing encouragement I cannot give . (or even a cold call. I’ve just been interrupted yet again as I type) I used to greet everyone I met with a smile and cheery word, now I cross the road in case of infection. (Not that they can see my smile behind my mask anyway)

It is no wonder that you, me and the rest of the world are suffering a crisis of confidence. Everything we knew as normal and acceptable has been stripped away. With fake news and scaremongers we can’t believe in anything or trust anyone.

What we need is somebody who will absolutely not let us down. Something we can rely on without fail. Then our crisis of confidence will become an assurance of confidence.